Rob Lowe Shoots promos for CMT's Artist of the Year Awards at 240Studio

Rob Lowe recently appeared as host this year's Artist of the Year Awards on CMT.

We had the honor of meeting Rob and the CMT crew a month ago when they booked 240Studio to shoot the TV spots and promo stills for the Artist of the Year Awards. It was an exciting day to have an actor of such caliber grace us with his presence. To be quite honest we were expecting a long list of special requests before he arrived. We've heard of celebrities demanding a room be filled with 234 white, vanilla scented candles before they enter it or requesting a rare and specific type of bottled water be on-hand at all times and exactly 78° F. But, celebrity stereotypes be damned! Rob is a regular dude...who just happens to be incredibly handsome, a super charismatic person and a great actor. There is one celebrity stereotype that even he cannot avoid, however. Fully grown women (and men for that matter) turn into giggling little girls when he enters the room. All-in-all though, Rob Lowe is a down-to-earth guy, which we should have guessed based on the fact that he chooses to live here in Santa Barbara instead of Hollywood. We hope Rob finds it in his easy-going heart to demand that all his future gigs be shot at 240Studio!

Here's a link to the official photos shot by Sam Jones, used to promote the show.