Toadally fun shoot

After a week of waking up at the crack of dawn to coffee and bagels, beeping cameras, and half naked male models (NOT complaining) it is time for 240 STUDIO to part ways with Horny Toad and look forward to another shoot in the future!

Horny Toad makes a majority of their clothing with sustainable fibers and recycled poly, so their clothes have a very comfortable and simple feel. I know what you're thinking- Fashion AND comfort? No way. Too good to be true. I have been long searching for a clothing company that could look and feel good wearing.. Us true fashionistas understand the importance of both. And now I've finally found my source! Seems that hosting Horny Toads' shoot at 240 STUDIO may just end up draining my wallet...


It was great to have such talented photographers capturing the essence of the clothing line, Lee Webb and Nick Savoy. Taking a great shot is one thing, but keeping models chipper through about 4000 frames in five days is a lot of work. Both Lee and Nick did a great job throughout the week and we loved having their good vibes in the studio!


While the models were getting primped and pampered, Lee the photographer made sure to keep himself looking toned as well. As the studio intern, it was a bit intimidating at times to be surrounded by such stunning people, (especially the shirtless studs..) but their warm and engaging personalities made them very comfortable to talk to. 

The crew we got to work with from Horny Toad are as unpretentious and fun as their clothing line! They're great people and their passion shines through their personalities and business practices. To find out more, check out their website:

Until next week~

Your intern extraordinaire, Jess.