Video Shoot- Remembering Trauma

A brilliant group joined us in the loft to shed light on a very important issue affecting many children and families. Here is an excerpt from Tracey Riley, their project coordinator, 

“The Center for Child Trauma Assessment and Service Planning (CCTASP) team from Northwestern University in Chicago were honored to use this space to work with award winning producer and director Nathanael Matanick in filming interviews for their upcoming film entitled “Remembering Trauma: Connecting the Dots Between Complex Trauma and Misdiagnosis in Youth.”
This film illustrates the complex, developmental effects of childhood trauma  and the potential for the misdiagnosis and mislabeling of children, especially when a trauma history is not “remembered” or identified.  One of the primary goals of this film is to support and educate professionals across disciplines and child-serving settings (including mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice, and education) about the importance of using a “trauma lens” in doing their work.  This resource is also intended to support family members (caregivers and youth) in understanding how trauma impacts youth in different ways across development and can help families advocate for trauma-informed services for their children. 
The Narrative Loft was a fantastic setting for our on-film interviews with trauma-informed field experts representing various professional roles that serve traumatized youth - including psychologists,  psychiatrist, school counselor,  and juvenile probation officer.  They shared their perspectives on the key messages conveyed in the film and the value of using a trauma lens in their work with children and families. Interested in seeing the film at its completion?"

Head on over to their website and check them out on Twitter for more!

Nathanael Matanick (videographer) and his wife created a series of short films on foster care titled "ReMoved". You can learn about them and watch them here. He works as a director on music videos, short films, and commercials.