Hed Hi Media is Back in Action at The Narrative

Hed Hi Media is back and better than ever! Named for the perfect head high surfing wave, this company may have to change their name to "double overhead" soon at the rate they're growing!

We love seeing our clients back and we're ecstatic to have this video production company for a third shoot at The Narrative. With headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina and Berkeley, California, this dynamic team shoots footage primarily for corporate endeavors. Over the years, impressive clients such as Amazon and Oracle have jumped on the bandwagon to be a part of the Hed Hi experience! 

Santa Barbara-based company, Invoca, starred in today's shoot! The call tracking and analytics company is preparing for their annual conference to announce their new technology, and today, Hed Hi stepped in to create an empowering video for the event! With our vintage telephone display as the perfect prop, this shoot was pure destiny!

While on set, the incredible owner of Hed Hi Media, Tim McManus, oversaw the shoot and made sure there were great vibes all around. The charismatic crew, who flew in from San Francisco, Portland and Charleston, worked diligently to create the perfect material for Invoca. Flying in from all over the country, this team is definitely no stranger to travel. While one half was in Santa Barbara, the rest of Hed Hi was split across the world, filming in London and Charleston! Travel creates the best memories, which is why McManus specifically schedules the shoots in awesome cities. The Hed Hi Team says their best memories come from their travel stories and the unique experiences in each spot. 

Second to video production, McManus is obsessed with surfing. One reason he is attracted to Santa Barbara is to ride the So-Cal waves in between shooting at The Narrative! Every time he makes it down here, he always hits his favorite surf spot, Rincon. With a huge smile on his face, he can still recollect the first time he went to Rincon and surfed one of the best waves of his life!

An incredible part of film is the ability to create a story and Hed Hi devotes themselves to sharing each client's story in an alluring and emotional way. Their video ultimately helps clients market themselves and they love knowing they are helping drive their clients to success. We are looking forward to learning Invoca's incredible story and can't wait to have Hed Hi back for round four! 

Lights, camera, action! 

Lights, camera, action! 

Jessica interviewing owner of Hed Hi Media, Tim McManus! 

Jessica interviewing owner of Hed Hi Media, Tim McManus! 

McManus' epic Rincon moment!  Photo courtesy of Tim McManus 

McManus' epic Rincon moment!

Photo courtesy of Tim McManus