Michelle Lee- Chief Narration Officer

I was born in the most isolated population center on the face of the earth.

  • My favorite color is rainbow.

  • I don’t like chocolate but I could eat popcorn everyday.

  • The only time I run is if someone is chasing me or I’m chasing a little white ball down a soccer field.

  • I always sing in the shower. But never the right lyrics or the right key.

  • I taught a Sherpa the Running Man on the Himalayas in Nepal.

  • I can recite the longest word in the dictionary.

  • Blue skies and sunshine make me happy.

  • Creating photographs makes me even happier.

  • I put my stuffed animals under a tree and took my first photo when I was five.

  • I have really big feet. My friends think I should be a better surfer.

  • Wonder Woman is my hero. So is the Dalai Lama.

  • I’m afraid of snakes, Spam and fake plants.

  • I love people and I love sharing their stories.

  • The Narrative Loft is one of my favorite places on the planet.


Catherine Masi- Social Media Maven

A California transplant from New England, I've found that the East Coast grounds me and the West Coast frees me.

  • I've always got a secret creative project going.

  • You can find me wherever the dogs and kids are at parties.

  • I wear a lot of black because I'm clumsy and I gravitate toward stuff that stains.

  • Happiest eating food with people I love.

  • I met The Hulk when I was 4 and David Bowie when I was 20. Equally epic.

  • Flowers and vintage, vintage and flowers.

  • I'm the youngest of six kids in an Italian family, which makes me both a social butterfly and a lover of total solitude.

  • I'm a sentimental freak.

  • Identify as a Romantic Physicist, an appreciator of science with the mind of a daydreamer.

  • I flock with kind hearts.

  • The Narrative Loft is a reminder of infinite possibilities within our community.


Alisa Wilcox- Queen of Kicking Butt

I arrived in Santa Barbara fourteen years ago after throwing a dart at a map.

  • I have a legit tea addiction.

  • I run, hike, and swim often, yet never with any semblance of speed.

  • I was kicked out of ballet class at age 6 because I wouldn't take off my soccer shinguards.

  • I went to Kindergarten with a Scottish accent, thanks to my Glaswegian mum.

  • I have scared bears away with pots and pans, yet I run away from angry Chihuahuas.

  • I have a serious fear of revolving doors. I always get stuck!

  • I write for a living and always trip over the name Issac. Issaac? Isaac? Isacc?

  • If you have a weak handshake, I will probably blog about you.

  • I find value in people, experiences and adversity.

  • The Narrative Loft inspires me with creative energy, and the best tea selection this side of the Mississippi!


Emma Casson- Event Relations

I was born in the U.K but my hearts in Santa Barbara.

  • I'm my happiest self on travels to new adventures (but always appreciative to come back home).

  • I LOVE meeting new people! Happy people, kind people - the good peeps.

  • Coffee is my blood type

  • Getting outside is the best way to shake a funky day. Oh and wine. Wine is good too.

  • I dislike cinnamon.

  • I strongly dislike red bubbles on iPhones.

  • I believe everyone should work in the service industry at some point in their lives - tip accordingly and say please!

  • I love doing laundry but folding is my nemesis.

  • Every room needs plants - all the plants!

  • I have zero social media and never have.

  • My love and loved ones are my best qualities - they'd tell you the same.

  • The Narrative Loft is my happy place - the feel good, come in, get comfortable and stay a while kinda happy place.

Mai'a- Director of Barketing

Once I tried to dig a hole to China. 
So lucky I ended up in Santa Barbara instead.

  • My full name is Mai'a Papaya, but my friends usually just sniff my butt or call me Mai'a.

  • When I was eight weeks old, a man who smelled like cheese tried to sell me for ten dollars.

  • My name means banana in Hawaiian.

  • Those who know me know the name fits me well.

  • I get excited, like really excited!

  • My dream bubble includes peanut butter Kongs, car rides and finally catching my tail.

  • If there’s a puddle on the floor, I most certainly am not responsible.

  • I am The Narrative Loft’s official mascot, greeter and lover of all things 2 feet and lower. (Guard your shoe laces!)