240 STUDIO Gets a Face Lift!

240 STUDIO is now in it's prime after a week of full on restoration. As we all know; hard work leads to necessary spa days. Now that she's all primed and pampered, the studio is ready to flaunt what she got to some cute artists. 

Joni Lynn dedicated her hard earned weekend to painting the studio walls (along with a few spots on the carpet) a radiant bright blue. Thank you Joni!!

The color POPS right when you walks through the front door, and only gets better as you head upstairs and notice the contrasting mahogany ceilings. 

 Matt Brewster and Darren Mclain installed black out blinds on all the studio windows. From luminous natural lighting, to complete darkness; 240 STUDIO is pleased to offer our clients a wide variety of lighting options. 

In the words of a wise plastic surgeon, serious improvements can be risky. Thanks Matt for risking your life for the studio- your courage took our breath away! 

240 STUDIO is so grateful for everybodys help over the weekend. We couldn't have done it without you guys! 

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Until next week~

Your intern extraordinaire,