Keeping it Cool at 240

Ahh, there is nothing better than walking into a cool studio on a hot summer day in Santa Barbara!240 STUDIO is undertaking more restoration as All Weather, Inc. installs the all mighty air conditioner. It has been a loud, messy, and busy week but will surely pay off once we get that cool air flowing!

While the men from All Weather, Inc. were working on the roof this morning, I took the opportunity to mess around with some of the equipment in hopes to get some cool shots out of it. (Uhm what?.. Messing with equipment? Not me, no way...)

I was pleased with how the photos turned out, and find it fascinating when people are able to recognize beauty in the simple things in life, such as a few A/C vents. 

I want to make a shout out to Sue Van Horsen, an exceptionally creative artist who has a knack for finding beauty in things that others would not notice. This piece (below), is one of my favorites of hers. This is a great example of beautiful art that was created out of not much more than a few metal scraps and a wild imagination. You are a truly inspiring person, Sue!

Thank you All Weather, Inc. and crew! We are ecstatic to have a cool breeze through the studio.  

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Until next time~ 

Your intern extraordinaire,