Meet Joni Lynn

Today my topic is Joni Lynn DeLuccio, our 240 STUDIO manager. Joni is a huge asset to 240, whether she's contributing her creative and unique ideas or introducing and welcoming clients to the space. Joni is always a pleasure to be around- unless you're in her reserved parking spot- and240 STUDIO is lucky to have her! 

Jess: Would you share a bit about yourself?

Joni: I graduated from the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography and mostly specialize in weddings, children, and maternity photography. Although these are my main focuses, I am always up for a new challenge. I love adventure, travel and experiencing new things. I get that with each and every new client. I never know what exactly I am going to get, but I have to make it amazing every time. The last big adventure I went on I was driving through Italy in my vintage Fiat while on a cooking tour with my mom, I love cooking. I love throwing things in a pot and making something nourishing and delicious that I can share. I am a five year old at heart, I love rolling around on the grass just like a kid. I recently became engaged, and am busy planning the wedding of my dreams... and yes, there will be plenty of cake. 

Jess: When did you become interested in photography?

Joni: Always. I think that's a typical photographers answer, but it's true. I've always loved capturing moments and helping people, and I think that photography is a way to blend both those things. Growing up in the mountains there were a lot of fires. Something that struck me is I noticed whenever people had to leave their homes, photos were one of the first things they grabbed. I realized I wanted to be able to give that gift to people, something they can cherish forever. 

Jess: What originally brought you to 240 STUDIO?

Joni: While shooting at 240 STUDIO with Due Maternity, an online maternity clothing company, I developed a friendship with the previous owner and later on became his assistant. When Michelle took over, he introduced the two of us and we have been great friends ever since. Shortly afterwards, Michelle offered me the position of studio manager. I am really excited about the opportunity and Michelle's ideas to make 240 STUDIO a thriving creative space.  

Jess: What are some of the hats you wear at 240 STUDIO?

Joni: Well, right now I wear the wedding veil. Usually my role is to help grow the business and coordinate rentals, while hopefully shooting as well. Therapy sessions on the couch are also a specialty of mine. Most of all, I love making the studio look great and coming up with new ideas and ways to use the space.  

Jess: What do you like to do in your free time in SB?

Joni: I enjoy pretty much anything outdoors. I love (mini) road trips, hiking, sitting at the beach, and hanging out with friends. The awesome thing about Santa Barbara is that you can have a good time doing anything because it is such a beautiful place. We live where people hope to vacation. 

To see more of Joni's work, check out her website!

And if you would like to have a photoshoot in an amazing space with great people, 240 STUDIO is here for you! Set up a day to come in, check out the space and meet the staff! 

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