Pictures, Puppies and the Pit Boss!

It's no secret.... 240 STUDIO LOVES four-legged furkids.  We have a special place in our hearts for smiley, misunderstood, uber huggable canines and welcomed these beautiful Pit Bulls with open arms and delicious treats!  

Shorty Rossi, owner of Shorty's Rescue, an organization set up for Pit Bull rescue, came to 240 with his film crew for an interview and photo sesh with Michelle Lee, owner of 240 STUDIO and Pets In Focus.  

We all know that Pit Bulls get a bad rap and these guys are no exception.  The only danger they pose is stealing kisses and the occassional running hug (these guys are solid!).   

Thank you, Pit Boss, crew and puppies for the fun photo shoot and for taking us on your fun adventures! 

Check out Pit Boss on Animal Planet!