Dennis Miller Joins 240 for March Madness!

Lights!  Camera!  Action!  

We are just days away from NCAA Basketball's Big Dance and Dennis Miller is ready to boogie!  

Collegiate Basketball teams from across the country will captivate fans and University alums, leaving a trail of grumpy husbands/boyfriends/singletons with once-hopeful, rapidly disintegrating brackets in its wake.  

Dennis Miller and his film crew spent a day at 240 STUDIO filming a few promotions for the tourney!  Dennis and his low-tech bracket starred in commercials currently airing on and select TV networks.

The STUDIO was packed for a day of filming and someone on the crew may or may not have lifted the famed chocolate stash.  If someone on Mr. Miller's crew has sticky fingers, we support you.  After all, chocolate is the offiical mascot of 240 STUDIO and this IS a collegiate tourney.  

Well played, Miller and friends, well played.