Welcome Back, Foundation Training!

When Dr. Eric Goodman, creator of Foundation Training tells you to bend over, you bend over.  And if someone pinches your heine while you're in position, so be it. 

This lovely group of fitness folk have held a few certification workshops at 240 STUDIO and we love having them!  They are all peppy rays of sunshine focused on helping us lazy humans get our bodies back in action!  

Dr. Goodman's aim to “redefine your core, conquer back pain, and move with confidence" is the focus of Foundation Training and has worked wonders for celebs, professional althletes and regular Joes alike. 

In addition to certification workshops, Foundation Training has also rounded up their most camera-ready, 6-pack wielding students to star in promotional videos to be shown to their vast worldwide following. 

We love Foundation Training and are excited to get bent with them again soon!