Montecito Urban Farms and Chapala Gardens welcome NYC powerhouse Stephen Ritz

Stephen Ritz was all smiles during his engaging talk.

Known for his Green Bronx Machine initiative, Stephen Ritz is a teacher and administrator who uses Tower Garden to grow healthier, more engaged students in the South Bronx. His efforts have resulted in 30,000 pounds of vegetables to date, transforming New York City while facilitating extraordinary academic performance and generating opportunities for students. Stephen has spoken at TED Conferences and been featured by Forbes, Wall Street Journal, ABC, CNN, NBC, NPR and many others. He was recently selected as 1 of 10 finalists for the Global Teacher Prize and met with the Pope at The Vatican to discuss gardening in schools.

It was a full house at The Narrative.

Todd Mehl and Alex Thompson of Montecito Urban Farms in Summerland, CA partnered with Chapala Gardens owners, Sandy and Joy Kelly for this fantastic night of amazing food and an inspiring talk with Stephen Ritz.  Members of the Juice Plus family joined the Santa Barbara community to soak in the energy and ideas of Stephen Ritz and to enjoy delicious food donated by Tammy Kronen Catering and Events and Pete Clements from The Funk Zone Patio.

Delicious food donated by Tammy Kronen Catering and The Funk Zone Patio.