From Pain to Gain

We are always excited to welcome back Foundation Training to our Santa Barbara Loft for another certification experience. In addition to featuring members of the Foundation Training team, we wanted to remind you of the powerful journey you experience both during and after a Foundation certification. This 4-day training will leave you feeling healthy, empowered, and with the ability to teach others the lessons you learned. 


Chief Imagineer Eric Goodman explains that "The syllabus of the Foundation certification is based on 3 principles: Decompressing the spine, Anchoring the pelvis, and Integrating your best possible posture into daily movement." This certification will give you a more solid foundation for how to engage your body in a way that takes away chronic pain and allows it to support itself. Through the 4-day training you will not only learn how to better align your body, but you will learn how to open up and share your story with others. Being vulnerable and opening up to strangers is not easy to do, but the small group dynamic of these certifications allows you to find your own inspiration by sharing your story and hearing the stories of others. 

During these 4 days you will find your own journey to success: you will overcome chronic pain, lead a healthier lifestyle, and be able to teach others how to do the same. And at the end of it all your experience only continues to grow. With decreased pain and a newfound inspiration for life, you can teach others the valuable lessons you learned from your own experience. Witnessing the transformation of someone's life in front of you and knowing that you helped them get there is unbelievably rewarding and inspiring. Change is hard to handle, but this Foundation certification gives you the opportunity to change your story and help inspire change in others. Watch the video below to find out more.

Congratulations to all the warriors who completed the last Foundation certification in March. We here at The Narrative Loft are ecstatic that you were able to share your stories and let the stories of others shape your experience. We are excited for what the June 2017 training has in store! Enroll on the Foundation Training website and RSVP on Facebook