Empowering Female Business Owners: The Soul Success Summit Returns to The Narrative Loft!

When a group of women who specialize in creating momentum in their own businesses and helping other women do the same come together in one room, the energy is contagious.  

The Soul Success Summit came to The Narrative Loft for the second consecutive year and this year, they hosted two action-packed back-to-back weekends (in March and April) of learning, sharing and implementing powerful business strategies aimed at helping online business owners grow their revenue like wildfire.  

This event co-hosted by Alisa Wilcox and Megan McCann was aided largely by the help of local event professionals, Robin Elander and Zohe Felici and also remote team members, Jessica Hansen in Scappoose, Oregon and Winslow Vail in Sun Valley, Idaho.  The team met weekly for 9 months, sourcing Speakers, organizing activities and creating content for this powerful weekend program. Speakers came from all over the country (and a few came internationally) to share their zone of genius with the group.

Each day started with Yoga and Mediation and then the Speakers took the stage, excited to teach, share and motivate as the audience listened, took vigorous notes and asked questions.  Many of the attendees and Speakers hit the beach during lunch time and returned ready to soak in all the business and mindset guidance that was being presented.

On Saturday night, the group changed into cocktail attire and came back together at the Narrative Loft for a wine reception.  The space that hosted a formal conference during the day was transformed into a swanky evening party space complete with delicious food, white lights and cocktail music.  

Here’s what some of the wonderful Summit women had to say about the Loft…

“The Narrative Loft is a beautifully eclectic and warm space that invites love, inspiration, and possibility to be present for all attendees. From the decor to the wide, open spaces, to the energy of the owner, it is the perfect space to host meetings, retreats, receptions, and any event where connection and inspiration are desired! - Gladys Diaz - Heart’s Desire International

The loft provide provides an energy that my product line naturally vibrates at. It was the perfect backdrop for my display and photo shoot! So inspiring and magical! Thank you!! - Tobey Terry - Naked Soul Beauty

The Narrative Loft is such a beautiful space with a warm feel. The owner, Michelle Lee, is genuine and inviting and her care is evident in the space. It is a wide open space, with warm wooden floors and charm everywhere you turn. It’s the perfect place for a gathering, photo shoot, meetings and anything you can imagine. - Kai Alday - The Business Confidante

Warm & inviting, the Narrative Loft is great place to host intimate events especially for authors who want to host a book launch or do a reading. I already want to go back to Cali to host my own event. - Jackie Harris - Creative Werks

I loved the look and feel of The Narrative Loft! The flow of the space is very flexible to accommodate a variety of different types of events. Michelle Lee is a pleasure to work with and I am planning to have an event there this June. - Angela West

Thank you for bringing your group to the Narrative Loft. We look forward to seeing all the magic that comes out of this fantastic group!

Photography by Tai Kerbs