TEDx Santa Barbara Live Success!

That's a wrap! The second edition of TEDx Santa Barbara Live went off without a hitch. Once a year, the greatest movers and shakers of our time bring their bright ideas to a live audience on the TED stage. If you've never heard of TED (Technology. Entertainment. Design) head over to TED.com right now and watch a few talks, you won't regret it. 100 percent guaranteed to raise your IQ level by at least three points. 

The chance to get a seat in that live audience is slim picking. Luckily the production team of TEDx Santa Barbara Live is on a mission to bring that experience to our local community. It was an action-packed two days, with people coming and going during the live simulcast from Vancouver. We are so happy to have been the host location for the second year in a row, another fantastic event in the books. We can't wait for next year!

And a big 'ol thank you to the wonderful sponsors/vendors you made this event possible and delicious! Caribbean Coffee Company brought their fair-trade organic coffee for a morning pick me up, while Juice Ranch kept everyone nourished with their cold-pressed juices. 805 Boba *new spot alert* provided yummy Taiwanese bubble tea for guest's sipping pleasure. Rincon Events catered a sandwich lunch for everyone. Santa Barbara Popcorn Company and Bree'osh Cafe kept patron's munchies at bay with hand-crafted kernels and warm fresh-baked brioche. Shout out to Foleypod Media and a huge thank you to organizers Kymberlee of Strategic Samurai and Mark of 805 Connect and lastly SB Hustlers, Santa Barbara's premier social club/volunteer service team!

© Winter Creative Co.  -Everyone had a great time learning and connecting with one another! 

©Winter Creative Co. -Everyone had a great time learning and connecting with one another!