Own Your Power with 3rdNut


Within each of us is a warrior waiting to be discovered.  Power and strength are all in the eye of the beholder; whether it is expressed through yoga, backpacking, marathoning, or music, it is all up to you.  3rdNut helps you honor that power.  Through consistency, intentional action, and dedication to 21 Proofs, you can earn a coveted badge of honor that is only rewarded to the fiercest of warriors. 


Outlined in the 3rdNut Manifesto, 3rdNut founder Dave Trujillo describes the 21 Proofs as "the attitudes and behaviors you engage in daily to earn and keep your 3rdNut.  As if crafting precious metals, you'll Extract, Forge, Harden, and Sharpen your understanding of these Proofs.  And just when they start to gleam, you'll stroke the furnace, melt it all down into a stronger alloy, and start the process again."


3rdNut combined with The Narrative Loft to create an interactive photoshoot, showing every warrior out there that anyone can claim their 3rdNut through hard work, dedication, and a willingness to embrace challenge.  Think you're strong enough to earn your 3rdNut? Come find out today.